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Vegetation Clearance & Tree Work

Our LANTRA qualified operatives conduct vegetation management taskings in an array of locations, mostly favoured by private customers who value our " silent service " working.  Often teaming up with our rope access technicians to complete aerial and ground based works including:

• Vegetation clearance

• Vegetation removal from bridges

• Vegetation removal from buildings and structures

• Tree felling and stump removal

• Tree trimming (Arboriculture)

• Removal of deadwood or dangerous limbs utilising a 

vehicle mounted elevating work platform (MEWP).

Height Tasks ltd are passionate about the conservation of woodland environments for the wildlife which inhabits them. 

Height Tasks ltd have installed bat boxes, and nest boxes for all sizes of birds from sparrows to owls, and are always willing to assist zoologists with the study of different species of birds and bats.

In similar fashion to our Cliff & Embankment works we assist nature experts and scholars with;

• Wildlife conservation

• Habitat monitoring and installation of time lapse / motion cameras 

Height Tasks ltd conduct Vegetation Clearance and Tree Work for both private individuals, and business - business taskings alike.

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