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Technical Rope Rescue & Safety Cover

Height Tasks ltd rope access technicians are trained in advanced rigging methods for working at height and rigging for rescue. 

 This is standard requirement for IRATA level 2 technicians and IRATA level 3 supervisors, and Height Tasks ltd require our IRATA level 1 technicians to have a comprehensive understanding of these systems, both for taskings and in preparation of their level 2 assessments.

IRATA requires all level 3 supervisors to hold a minimum of first aid at work training.  All Height Tasks' level 3's are advanced 1st aiders , as too are most of our rope access technicians.

Height Tasks ltd safety supervisors hold advanced first aid training, some include having experience working in the emergency services, and prefer that all their team members hold current, valid first aid certificates.

When combining pre-planned rigging for rescue as part of our  advanced rigging methods for work and rescue at height ,plus the medical rescue equipment we retain on standby to deal with an emergency at height, we obtain our R.E.S.C.U.E. ethics*. 

Height Tasks ltd are able to facilitate both our own needs, or those of your team when they are working at height or areas with complex restricted egress.

*R estricted- E gress- S afety- C overing- U nique- E nvironments

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