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Access Solutions

Your problems – solved. 

Established systems, calculated rigging methods, and experience will tailor a bespoke solution to your needs. [  Details]

Explore our website to discover the many options that aid our clients and contact usto discuss how we can support you.


Advanced Rigging for Work and Rescue at Height

Our advance rigging techniques enable us to position ourselves with the required tools and equipment into place at even the most demanding of worksites. All our rope systems allow us to be in a continual element of safety and ready for rescue should an emergency arise at height. Our use of ropes and suitable anchorages allow us to rig and suspend personnel and equipment where other methods of access would not be practical or even achievable. [   Details  ]


Anchor Point Testing

We can install, test, inspect and certify fall arrest anchor points inline with EN795 to help your organisation comply with LOLER, PuWER, and the Working at Height regulations. [ Details ]

Contact us to discuss your EN-BS7883 class A1 compliance testing requirements with our technically minded staff and experience a reassuring level of competence.


Building & Structures Cleaning

With suitable access solutions to support your needs, we are able conduct a cleaning regime to help maintain your structural assets, without the need for scaffolding or heavy machinery. 

 Either by use of pressure washing or if preferable, cleaning by hand, our clients have the option for the most suitable method without the added expense or compromise to their security and/or insurance.   [ Details ]


Cliff & Embankment Works

Height Tasks ltd are not restricted to the concrete jungle. [ Details]  Our work in the natural environment includes the descaling of loose rocks and other materials from cliffs and steep embankments before they can drop unexpectedly. The removal of vegetation build up, and the safe felling and removal of trees from cliffs, ridge faces, and steep embankments.  


Emergency Call-out

This service is intended a a temporary step, in emergencies only, after storm damage, accidental damage or deliberate destruction,  until a permanent more heavy duty repair can be planned and conducted. [ Details] and can include;

• Sealant or Coating Application to prevent rain water ingress,

• Bracing of loose items,

• Removal of loose items,

• Boarding up damaged glazing,


Fall Prevention

When fall prevention is needed but no fall protection is present, we can quickly establish a temporary fall protection system incorporated into a safe system of works while we install your permanent solution; [ Details]

• Edge protection,

• Rooftop handrails,

• Access Ladders,


High Level Cleaning

Using the most appropriate access method to safely complete high level cleaning works internally or externally; [ Details]

• Dust removal form Atrium structures and internal glazing,

• Window cleaning,

• Algae removal,

• Gutter clearance,

• Pressure washing,

• Graffiti removal or covering over offensive artwork.



For support with compliance to regulations within the Health & Safety at work act 1974  contact us to discuss how our services can assist your needs;

• LOLER certification,

• PPE inspection,

• PFPE inspection.

• Anchor point testing,

• Photographic survey and up close visual inspection reporting.

[ Details]


IRATA Personnel Supply

(All Levels)

Height Tasks ltd can provide our IRATA trained and certified  personnel to other companies or recruitment agencies increasing staff numbers for large projects. [ Details]

We are able to provide;

• IRATA level 1 - to perform rope access work under the direct supervision of a level 2 or 3,

• IRATA level 2 - to perform enhanced rope access work under the guidance of a level 3

• IRATA level 3 – to supervise the safety of rope access work and conduct advanced rope rescues.

Safety supervisors are required to be trained to first aid at work as a minimum.

[ Height Tasks' level 3's are advanced 1st aiders]


Technical Rope Rescue & Safety Cover

What to do if an accident or illness occurs when working at height? Remember – You are responsible for the persons you instruct to work at height. Learn why just putting “Dial 999” should not be acceptable as a rescue plan – [ Safety blog]

Unfortunately not all trades that work at height can say this, as the HSE statistics demonstrate  We are ready for help your organisation keep team members safe by structuring a fully detailed rescue plan (legal requirement for work at height in the UK) to include equipment on hand to successfully cope with emergencies, conducted in the safest manner possible. [ Details]


Vegetation Clearance & Tree Work

Our LANTRA qualified operatives conduct vegetation management tasking on an array of locations. Often teaming up with our rope access technicians to complete aerial and ground based works including:

• Vegetation clearance,

• Vegetation removal from buildings and structures,

• Tree felling and stump removal,

• Tree trimming. (Arboriculture)

• Removal of deadwood or dangerous limbs utilising a vehicle mounted elevating work platform. (MEWP)

[ Details]

What our customers are saying

Thank you. Your guys did a really good job so we will definitely be in touch again soon.

M Traynor​

Assistant Property Manager

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